A Pennsylvania state trooper was fatally shot after responding to an abuse violation Friday night, state officials confirmed.

The reported incident occurred in Juniata Township, a small community in central Pennsylvania. Authorities closed off the area as officers conducted a search for the trooper’s killer.

State police say trooper Landon Weaver was killed in the incident, the Associated Press reported. Weaver, who enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police in December 2015, is the 97th member of the Pennsylvania State Police to be killed in the line of duty, the Associated Press added.

District Attorney David Smith told WJAC TV 6 that authorities were executing search warrants in an area just west of Lake Raystown.

Pennsylvania State Police later released a photo of the person wanted in relation to the shooting death on social media late Friday. Authorities identified the person of interest as Jason Robison, saying the 32-year-old should be “considered him and dangerous.”

“It is believed that his hair is currently dyed purple,” the Facebook post added.

Governor Tom Wolf released a statement after Weaver’s death in the line of duty, extending his deepest condolences and prayers to the officer’s families.

“All members of the State Police across Pennsylvania in this moment of tragedy,” Wolf said in a statement. “Landon will always be remembered for his bravery, his sacrifice, and his willingness to serve.

“The State Police are our best and bravest Pennsylvanians, who risk their lives to keep all of our families safe,” Wolf added. “I just spoke with Commissioner Tyree Blocker and have full confidence that the person who committed this senseless act of violence will be captured and brought to justice.

“As the search continues, all of our law enforcement officers involved are in the thoughts of all Pennsylvanians.”

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